PRINCESS 40M Recently completed in Plymouth England the first 40 metre Superyacht from Princess Yachts.

Deck Re-Seam

Recently completed in Plymouth England the first 40 metre Superyacht from Princess Yachts.

Compass Marine Decking Ltd was entrusted to install the teak decking on the latest and most prestigious production to date, using the best vacuum bag materials and epoxy resin. Each section of the deck was digitally measured before our partners, Wattsons Teak Products, produced outstanding quality panels with outstanding accuracy.

The final result is a spectacular looking teak deck that will offer the owners of this vessel many years enjoyment.. Grey caulking was chose to compliment the sharp lines .

Re-Seam & Refurbishment On Smaller Vessels

This 52 foot vessel was totally re-seamed. The old caulking was 100% removed and replaced with sis 440 supplied by Teakdecking Systems. Probably the best caulking ever developed and is present in many of the worlds finest Yachts.

Pre Fabricared New Teak Decks

Shipbuilding methods have changed over the years and  shorter build times demand  good planning and accurate and quick methods of installing. This 92 metre yacht constructed in steel and aluminium  to a very high German standard.

At an early stage of construction templates were made  that allowed the deck to be built in panels away from the vessel. This allows the  vessels build to progress without having the teak deck crew to step over.  The paint crew is also a main benefactor of this system.

A plywood sub deck is often used  prior to the installation of the teak. This is fastened to the already faired deck by means of stud welding  and through bolting.. TDS Epoxy is used in all of our deck installations.

The decking panels arrive at the yard  when an area has been made available for the installation. The panels are craned on board  and dry fitted to ensure  a correct fit. Once the  dry fitted deck has been inspected by the owners representative or the yard manager  the panels are lifted and totally  cleaned and degreased  ready for final glue down.  Our preferred method  of installation is to use a vacuum bag system. This ensures an even pressure  throughout.

This whole process takes approximately one third of the time it takes to hand lay plank by plank. The results are a stunning  professionally  installed  teak deck that any captain would be proud to have.

Re-Seam & Refurbishment on Larger Vessels

Re-seams on larger yachts require a great deal of planning and close coordination with other trades such as the paint crew. Compass marine Decking has completed many large project such as the total re-seam of this 65 metre yacht in Malta. These old decks were given a new lease of life and transformed the vessel to its former glory.

Choose a professional company when undertaking such projects. Do not let day workers and cowboys ruin your yacht.

35 years as a professional shipwright and more completed projects than most.

Deck Fairing And Preparation

Nothing is more important than preparation of the sub deck and fairing prior to the installation of new teak decking. Many installations fail because of poor preparation. An irregular surface can cause voids between the teak and the fairing compound resulting in the presence of moisture and premature loss of the new deck.

Large Sail Boat Installation With Prefabricated Teak Panels

This stunning project was undertaken in The Netherlands and shows the superb quality demanded in Dutch yards. Only skilled shipwrights with many years experience can achieve this level of quality.

Pre-Fabricated Teak Decks

Some more beautiful examples of how a superyacht deck should look when installed by professionals.

Hand Laid Teak Decking

This stunning 92m vessel was totally restored to her former glory . The teak deck was hand laid using exceptionally high quality wood. Every effort was made to copy the original design to stunning effect. Compass Marine Decking is very proud to have been entrusted with this beautiful ship.